Why I’m Here

Why are we here?  An age old question.  I can’t answer it with absolute certainty, but I guarantee I’ll keep searching until I’m worm food.  I’m a learner, a forever student of sorts.  I’m always up for trying something new, because you never really know what will happen.  Isn’t that exciting?  And scary?  And make you feel alive?  With any new endeavor, you can only guess what will happen.  You never really know until you try.

Evolution according to Merriam Webster. Isn’t the internet cool?

The reason I’m here TODAY in the virtual world, writing to the proverbial You, is to give some background to the name of this blog, Evolution of Feces.  It’s a play on words for Darwin’s book, published in 1859 and the foundation of evolutionary biology.  Don’t worry, though, I won’t be getting very scientific – I’m too old to remember details.  I am, however, refreshing my remaining brain cells with an audio book on the Darwinian Revolution, which I highly recommend if you’re into history, science, religion, or attending college while commuting, folding laundry, or any other mind numbing task.

The other part of the name encompasses “all that other shit”.  The random thoughts that come from thinking about evolution a lot while I’m fighting my monkey brain, feeding my kids and trying to swim out of the gene pool.  Nature vs. nurture.  Man vs. wild.  Organic vs. GMO. Self medicating vs. prescription drugs.   Kardashians. Real Housewives. Biggest Losers.  Rainbows and Unicorns.  Baby Boomers. Millennials.

You get the point.

Most importantly, I’m here to express a boatload of gratitude to my people.  You are a diverse and complex web of AMAZING humans that are forever spun into my world. You make it all possible.  Thank you for joining me on my new adventure of pontification on the world wide web, I hope it’ll be fun for you, too!